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Definition of Incommunicative

  • Not communicative; not free or apt to impart to others in conversation; reserved; silent; as, the messenger was incommunicative; hence, not disposed to hold fellowship or intercourse with others; exclusive.
  • not inclined to talk or give information or express opinions

How to use incommunicative in a sentence. Incommunicative pronunciation.

Each in his incommunicative cell?
Rarely, probably, had she, with her chill, repellent outside, her diffident mien, and incommunicative habits, known what it was to excite in one whom she herself could love feelings of earnest affection and admiring esteem.
He was cold, incommunicative, aloof; and there was something about him that made the sensitive Shefford feel his presence was resented.

Examples of Incommunicative

Example #1
The Po does not "roll by the ancient walls" of Ravenna; and how could Byron be at one and the same time "by the source" (stanza 9, line 4), and sailing on the river, or on some canalized tributary or effluent?
Example #2
Even so, the first line of the first stanza and the third and fourth lines of the ninth stanza require explanation.
Example #3
Delightful, doubtless, was the consciousness that a young girl towards whom it seemed, judging by the moved expression of her eyes and features, her heart turned with almost a fond impulse, looked up to her as an instructor, and clung to her as a friend.
Example #4
The sort of reverent pleasure with which Caroline listened-so sincere, so quiet, yet so evident-stirred the elder lady's faculties to gentle animation.
Example #5
Presently Shefford strolled on to the corral, which was full of shaggy mustangs.
Example #6
Whisner might have been an Indian.