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Definition of Incomprehension

  • Lack of comprehension or understanding.
  • an inability to understand

How to use incomprehension in a sentence. Incomprehension pronunciation.

Neil stood as though appalled by his companion's incomprehension.
He repeated this twice, and upon the Peruvian turning a blank look of incomprehension at him, returned to his place saying, "I don't believe that fellow understands one single word of Spanish," so I went myself and warned the Peruvian in Spanish of the risk he was running, and he closed the window.
But he glanced first at the whiskey bottle standing between the candlesticks; and I knew it boded ill for his errand when Uncle Sam, the most hospitable of men, feigned pure incomprehension of that glance.
He seemed to grow more and more friendly all the time, and to forget that he had made several attempts on my life, although his yellow eyes and lionlike way of carrying his head still gave you an uncomfortable feeling, not of mistrust but of incomprehension.
He was looking rather fixedly away from her and so missed her frown of incomprehension.
The others merely gaped in blank incomprehension, or grasped their weapons, thinking that the enemy was pressing close behind and that they were making a stand here.
She flung away from him, pale and red by turns, struggling between anger and incomprehension.
Markham listened dumbly at first in incomprehension and then in amazement.
Antonyms: incomprehension, inapprehension. comprise, v. comprehend, include, embrace, involve, contain, embody. compulsion, n. constraint, coercion, obligation, coaction.
He goes on where we are balked by the obstacles of incomprehension.

Examples of Incomprehension

Example #1
Good God, don't you understand?
Example #2
Nathaniel's bewilderment still shone in his face.
Example #3
I do not know whether he suffered for his imprudence, but Martin was down next day with a sharp bout of fever.
Example #4
Martin next announced that the Southern Cross had gone stark, staring mad, and had moved round by mistake to the North.
Example #5
The man should have no more under that roof.
Example #6
The Englishman looked at him keenly, as if he had some suspicion of being chaffed; but the face of the Sawyer was so grave and the bend of his head so courteous that he could not refuse to do as he was asked.