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Definition of Inexplainable

  • Incapable of being explained; inexplicable.

How to use inexplainable in a sentence. Inexplainable pronunciation.

Inexplainable causes of refusal of direct relief.
But at times certain incidents or coincidents take place in the life of the soldier that are inexplainable, to say the least.
True, he picked it up like a flash, and put himself on guard, but how it was that a veteran like him could have made such a slip was totally inexplainable to his foe.

Examples of Inexplainable

Example #1
MAMA DUCK Gwan away f'm here, Po'-Boy; dat gemmen ain't gwine feed you nuthin.
Example #2
Other points gained in interview: Strange inability of local Old Age Pension officials to establish right of claimants to benefits.
Example #3
Now it is certain that every soldier going into battle has some dread of death.
Example #4
The soldier, like the sailor, is proverbial for his superstition.
Example #5
But the explanation came the next moment, when the chief, without removing his eyes from those of the white man, cautiously changed the knife to his left hand.
Example #6
Lone Wolf had dropped his knife!