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But while this vast influence, poured forth from the heart of the Founder of Christianity, streamed through century after century, inspiring every development of mercy, there came from those who organized the Church which bears his name, and from those who afterward developed and directed it, another stream of influence-a theology drawn partly from prehistoric conceptions of unseen powers, partly from ideas developed in the earliest historic nations, but especially from the letter of the Hebrew and Christian sacred books.
In its severity and quiet determination the letter did not seem like her, and he suspected forgery, sisterly advice, paternal influence-a family conspiracy.

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Example #1
The First Great Effort of Compromise, based on the Flood of Noah.
Example #2
Revival of scientific methods Buffon and the Sorbonne Beringer's treatise on fossils Protestant opposition to the new geology-the works of Burnet, Whiston, Wesley, Clark, Watson, Arnold, Cockburn, and others III.
Example #3
There was but one thing to do.
Example #4
As he was leaving the studio he received a letter from Maggie, and when he thought of the circumstances in which it was written, he grew genuinely alarmed, for there was no forgetting the seriousness of the letter, and she stated her reasons for the step she was taking without undue emphasis.