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How to use information-but in a sentence. Information-but pronunciation.

In short, I am now assured-I cannot, unfortunately, name the source of my new information-but I am assured, that Mrs. Leroux, as well as Mrs. Vernon, was addicted to the opium vice."...
Mrs. Elton, as elegant as lace and pearls could make her, he looked at in silence- wanting only to observe enough for Isabella's information-but Miss Fairfax was an old acquaintance and a quiet girl, and he could talk to her.
Alonzo then travelled into various parts of the country, making such enquiries as caution dictated of all whom he thought likely to give him information;-but he found none who could give him the least intelligence of his lost Melissa.

Examples of Information-but

Example #1
I am pleased to tell you that Debnam's unpleasant theories are already proved fallacious; the case goes deeper, far deeper, than a mere intrigue of that kind.
Example #2
The inspector and myself," continued Dr. Cumberly, "attached altogether a different significance to the circumstances.
Example #3
He had met her before breakfast as he was returning from a walk with his little boys, when it had been just beginning to rain.
Example #4
Instead of drawing his brother off to a window while they waited for dinner, he was talking to Miss Fairfax.
Example #5
In the course of his wanderings he passed near the old mansion house where Melissa had been confined.
Example #6
At the houses of Mr. Simpson and Vincent he resided some time, while they made the most dilligent search to discover Melissa; but nothing could be learned of her fate.