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Definition of Inga

  • any tree or shrub of the genus Inga having pinnate leaves and showy usually white flowers; cultivated as ornamentals

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He gives, moreover, to the Isle of Paradise the name of Inga, and says that St. Brendan and his companions never reached it after all, but came home after sailing round the Orkneys and other Northern isles.
This was a standing dispute between Nils and Inga, his wife, and they never came to an agreement.
Now, it happened that Inga, little Hans's mother, came one day to the river to see how he was getting on.
It was of no use, therefore, for poor Inga to beg little Hans to go home with her.
And then and there the conviction stole upon Inga that her child did not love her.
Poor Inga stood dazed, struggling with a horrible feeling, seeing her child passed from one to the other, while she herself claimed no share in him.
Inga was bustling about inside the house, preparing breakfast, which was to consist of porridge, salt herring, and baked potatoes.
Inga, hearing their voices, came to the door, and seeing the many men, snatched up little Hans, and with a wildly palpitating heart ran into the cottage, bolting the door behind her.
Inga sat crouching on the hearth, hugging little Hans to her bosom.
Thinking that Inga might have gone to the cow-stable, he ran to the rear of the cottage, and called her name.
They had all looked upon Inga as "high-strung" and "queer," and it did not surprise them to hear that she had been frightened out of her wits at their request for the loan of little Hans.
Inga, pausing for an instant, and peering out between the tree trunks, saw the alder bushes wave as they broke through the underbrush.
Inga's heart stuck in her throat; she felt sure that in the next instant they would be discovered.
When his hunger was satisfied, he fell again to picking berries, while Inga refreshed herself with milk in the same simple fashion.
Inga had a well-to-do sister, who was a widow, in the nearest town, and she would borrow enough money from her to pay their passage to New York.
Inga had been very sea-sick during the voyage; and after she stepped ashore from the tug that brought her to Castle Garden, the ground kept heaving and swelling under her feet, and made her dizzy and miserable.
Inga was just contemplating this bright vision of Hans's future, when she found herself passing through a gate, at which a clerk was seated.
Inga grew quite indignant at the thought of her being divorced.
After nine days of discomfort in the stuffy steerage and thirty-six hours of downright misery while crossing the stormy North Sea, Inga found herself once more in the land of her birth.
Inga had indeed hoped for more; but she said nothing.

Examples of Inga

Example #1
The fact is, that the same saints reappear so often on both sides of the British and the Irish Channels, that we must take the existence of many of them as mere legend, which has been carried from land to land by monks in their migrations, and taken root upon each fresh soil which it has reached.
Example #2
But another old hagiographer, Johannes a Bosco, tells a different story, making St. Malo an Irishman brought up by St. Brendan, and preserved by his prayers from a wave of the sea.
Example #3
She knew as well as her husband that before little Hans was born there was want and misery in their cottage.
Example #4
But from the hour the child lifted up its tiny voice, announcing its arrival, there had been prosperity and contentment.
Example #5
Nils was then standing on a raft hooking the floating logs with his boat-hook, while the boy was watching him from the shore, shouting to him, throwing chips into the water, and amusing himself as best he could.
Example #6
For was not little Hans's life charmed, so that no harm could befall him?