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Definition of Innocence

  • The state or quality of being innocent; freedom from that which is harmful or infurious; harmlessness.
  • The state or quality of being morally free from guilt or sin; purity of heart; blamelessness.
  • The state or quality of being not chargeable for, or guilty of, a particular crime or offense; as, the innocence of the prisoner was clearly shown.
  • Simplicity or plainness, bordering on weakness or silliness; artlessness; ingenuousness.
  • the quality of innocent naivete
  • a state or condition of being innocent of a specific crime or offense
  • the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil

How to use innocence in a sentence. Innocence pronunciation.

The girl's face, though not that of one in her teens, had seemed to him a very flower of innocence.
What their homes were to them, these fellaheen, dragged forth to defend their country, to go into the desert and waste their lives under leaders tyrannous, cruel, and incompetent, his old open life, his innocence, his integrity, his truthfulness and character, were to him.
And when, afterwards, he came to know the truth, and of her innocence, from the chief eunuch who with his last breath cleared her name, a terrible anger and despair had come upon him.
He feared to tell the simple truth lest Emmeline should not believe his innocence of previous plotting with Miss Derrick, or at all events should be irritated by the circumstances into refusing Louise a lodging for the night.
He has the sincerity of a child, with a child's innocence and confidence.
He himself drew a parallel between his two wives in these terms: "The one [Josephine] was all art and grace; the other [Marie Louise] innocence and natural simplicity.
Napoleon was accustomed to compare Marie Louise with Josephine, attributing to the latter all the advantages of art and grace, and to the former all the charms of simplicity, modesty, and innocence.
He had considerably damaged his health in the effort to live up to his ideal of thwarted passion, and could no longer entertain a hope that Fanny's escapade was consistent with innocence.
Now the Lord bless your innocence, sir, do you think you are the only pretty man in the world?
Paris does not pique herself on her generosity; but she still takes to herself at this charming hour an air of innocence, cheerfulness, and amiable cordiality.
He thought it bad taste in Madame de Tecle not to have maintained longer the high ideal his innocence had created for her.
He sat down amid the quaintly clipped boxwood which ornamented the garden in the antique fashion, called his son again to him, held him between his knees, interrogating him again, in a low voice, as he had done before; then drew him toward him and clasped him tightly for a long time, as if to draw into his own heart the innocence and peace of the child's.
In vain the barbarian pretended indignant innocence; Severinus sent him away with fresh warnings.
Yet there are in them, as was to be expected, elements in which the Greek or the Arab legends are altogether deficient; perfect innocence, patience, and justice; utter faith in a God who prospers the innocent and punishes the guilty; ennobling obedience to the saint, who stands out a truly heroic figure above his trembling crew; and even more valuable still, the belief in, the craving for, an ideal, even though that ideal be that of a mere earthly Paradise; the "divine discontent," as it has been well called, which is the root of all true progress; which leaves (thank God) no man at peace save him who has said, "Let us eat and drink, for to-morrow we die.
The saint comes in wrathful, tawse in hand, and Kentigern is for the moment in serious danger; but, equal to the occasion then as afterwards, he puts the robin's head on again, sets it singing, and amply vindicates his innocence.
Philip passed from the innocence of childhood to bitter consciousness of himself by the ridicule which his club-foot had excited.
She took her aunts upstairs, and returned, coming towards him once more with an air of innocence and friendliness that amazed him.
The frightful scenes of the carnage of Paris had tossed us to and fro, and the careless destruction of the envelope, addressed to my sister under her maiden name, prevented me from proving her innocence as a wife.
The lovely Rosabella, with all the security of angels whose innocence have nothing to fear, reclined her head on Camilla's shoulder and gazed on her heroic lover with looks of adoration.
He died not till he had written in his tablets the most positive declaration of my innocence as to the crimes with which his hatred had contrived to blacken me; and he also instructed me by what means I might obtain at Naples the restoration of my forfeited estates and the re-establishment of my injured honour.

Examples of Innocence

Example #1
But, as he stood telling his beads, abstractedly listening to the scandal talked by Achmet and Higli, he was not thinking of his brother, but of the two who had just left the chamber.
Example #2
He could little imagine Foorgat doing this from mere courtesy; he could not imagine any woman, save one wholly sophisticated, or one entirely innocent, trusting herself with him-and in such a place.
Example #3
By an impulsive act, by a rash blow, he had asserted his humanity; but he had killed his fellow-man in anger.
Example #4
All they felt he felt.
Example #5
Time and intrigue and conspiracy had distracted his mind, and the Jehad became the fixed aim and end of his life.
Example #6
He had seen her thrown to the king of them all, killed in one swift instant, and dragged about the den by her warm white neck-this slave wife from Albania, his adored Fatima.