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In Camberwell Road she passed the place of business inscribed with the names 'Lord and Barmby'; it made her think, not of the man who, from being an object of her good-natured contempt, was now become a hated enemy, but of her father, and she mourned for him with profounder feeling than when her tears flowed over his new-made grave.
As for Moses, he was respected and trusted by everyone on the road after this, and Joshua presented him with a collar, whereon were inscribed his name and the date of the memorable fray in which he acquitted himself so well.
The name of the illustrious traveller was inscribed in it at its formation, and he acquired new rights to the academical honors conferred on him during his absence, by the publication of his observations On the Climate and Soil of the United States.
His name had been inscribed in the list of the Senate, and afterwards of the House of Peers.
And the people immediately raised a great standard, inscribed with these three words, in three different colors.
Their ways are very engaging, and, in her bookcase, all his books are inscribed to her, as they came from year to year, each with some significant lines.
These words should be inscribed on his buttons if he had any-but he has none.
It was inscribed as herewith.
On the shore was a pile of flour in sacks, inscribed in Cree, "Gordon his flour.
But so rigidly exacting is it that the symbol shall be preserved, and, in some rational way, interpreted, that it peremptorily excludes the Atheist from its communion, because, believing in no Supreme Being, no divine Architect, he must necessarily be without a spiritual trestle-board on which the designs of that Being may be inscribed for his direction.
Old ocean works forever-restless and murmuring-but still bravely working; and storms and tempests, the purifiers of stagnant nature, are inscribed upon its trestle board.
We hear constantly of Freemasonry as an institution that inculcates morality, that fosters the social feeling, that teaches brotherly love; and all this is well, because it is true; but we must never forget that from its foundation-stone to its pinnacle, all over its vast temple, is inscribed, in symbols of living light, the great truth that _labor is worship_. It has been supposed that, because we speak of Freemasonry as a speculative system, it has nothing to do with the practical.
It was in form a perfect cube, and had inscribed upon its upper face, within a delta or triangle, the sacred tetragrammaton, or ineffable name of God.
On that stone the letters of the tetragrammaton were inscribed, and whosoever of the Israelites should learn that name would be able to master the world.
This passage is cited by the learned Buxtorf, in his "_Lexicon Talmudicum_;" [221] but in the copy of the "_Toldoth Jeshu_" which I have the good fortune to possess (for it is among the rarest of books), I find another passage which gives some additional particulars, in the following words:- "At that time there was in the temple the ineffable name of God, inscribed upon the Stone of Foundation.
For when King David was digging the foundation for the temple, he found in the depths of the excavation a certain stone, on which the name of God was inscribed.
Enoch himself was not permitted to enter it but once a year, and after the days of Enoch, Methuselah, and Lamech, and the destruction of the world by the deluge, all knowledge of the vault or subterranean temple, and of the Stone of Foundation, with the sacred and ineffable name inscribed upon it, was lost for ages to the world.
Reference has already been made to the Jewish tradition that David, when digging the foundations of the temple, found in the excavation which he was making a certain stone, on which the ineffable name of God was inscribed, and which stone he is said to have removed and deposited in the Holy of Holies.
In both of these it is the receptacle of the ark, on which the ineffable name is inscribed.

Examples of Inscribed

Example #1
But for headstrong folly, incredible in the retrospect, that father would have been her dear and honoured companion, her friend in every best sense of the word, her guide and protector.
Example #2
Her only object was to combat mental anguish by bodily exercise, to distract, if possible, the thoughts which hammered upon her brain by moving amid the life of the streets.
Example #3
Cynics may ask, how many have profited by the innumerable proverbs and maxims of prudence which have been current in the world time out of mind?
Example #4
They will say that their only use is to repeat them after some unhappy wight has “gone wrong.
Example #5
You will be glad to hear that Tim was not dismissed, and that he used his other "chance" well, for no amount of sharp London boys could have tempted him from his duty again.
Example #6
Moses had paid his debt of gratitude now; he and Tim were equal.