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Definition of Integrant

  • Making part of a whole; necessary to constitute an entire thing; integral.

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At one time, each was an integrant part of one undivided system.
In some districts, garnets in regular twelve-sided crystals form an integrant part of mica-schist.
The soil has not only an integrant and actual value, it has also a potential value,-a value of the future,-which depends on our ability to make it valuable, and to employ it in our work.
We can have no difficulty in understanding the meaning of "molecular attraction," or that force acting immediately on the integrant molecules or particles of a body, as distinguished from the attraction of gravitation which acts at unlimited distances.
Associated Words: integral, integrate, integration, integrant.

Examples of Integrant

Example #1
Not that the period ever existed when every operative mason was acquainted with, or initiated into, the speculative science.
Example #2
And hence, to the Freemason, this operative art has been symbolized in that intellectual deduction from it, which has been correctly called Speculative Masonry.
Example #3
In the "Principles of Geology," I have endeavoured to point out the extent and probable origin of these separate divisions; and it was shown that climate is only one of many causes on which they depend, and that difference of longitude as well as latitude is generally accompanied by a dissimilarity of indigenous species.
Example #4
This might have been expected from analogy; for when we inquire into the present distribution of living beings, we find that the habitable surface of the sea and land may be divided into a considerable number of distinct provinces, each peopled by a peculiar assemblage of animals and plants.
Example #5
Destroy a bill of exchange, a promissory note, an annuity deed,-as a paper you destroy almost no value at all; but with this paper you destroy your title, and, in losing your title, you deprive yourself of your goods.
Example #6
Comte's logic resembles this peasant's honesty.