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Definition of Intercontinental

  • Between or among continents; subsisting or carried on between continents; as, intercontinental relations or commerce.
  • Passing between continents or capable of passing between continents; as, an intercontinental ballistic misile; an intercontinental airplane flight.
  • extending or taking place between or among continents

How to use intercontinental in a sentence. Intercontinental pronunciation.

The Guardian feels the Dedication of the Temple, and the Intercontinental Teaching Conference to be held immediately thereafter, will mark a most important historic milepost in the development of the Faith in America, and the world.
The Patagonians went by the all-rail Intercontinental Line, without change of cars, making the run of ten thousand miles in forty hours.
At the time of this chronicle the status of interstellar flight was very similar to that of intercontinental jet-plane flight in the nineteen-sixties.
And I'm hoping there may be some support for Intercontinental...
Now that the World Crusade has been launched, and is very actively operating, as you have no doubt been informed by those believers who were privileged to attend the third Intercontinental Teaching Conference recently held in Stockholm, the Guardian is confident that you are fully conscious of the tremendous responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the German and Austrian Communities during the opening phase of this Ten-Year Crusade; and that you are, one and all, arising to fulfill those tasks in a befitting manner.

Examples of Intercontinental

Example #1
It will close the epoch of Temple Building, and open the 10 year period of World Crusade, during which time, the Faith will be established over the face of the earth.
Example #2
Your loving letter of January 23rd has been received by the Beloved Guardian, and he has directed me to acknowledge it in his behalf.
Example #3
The Australians entered a flying machine, and were soon out of sight; while the Central Americans and members from other States of the Union returned for the most part in their mechanical phaetons.
Example #4
Arriving in just twenty hours, they ran across on an electric ferry-boat, capable of carrying several dozen cars, to East Cape, Siberia, and then, by running as far north as possible, had a short cut to Europe.
Example #5
Starships were designed by humanity's best brains; carried every safety device those brains could devise.
Example #6
Then, of course, it was dropped automatically; and the next five days were deliciously, deliriously, ecstatically happy days for them both.