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But suddenly, as she was about to speak, there came to her the feeling which, up to one fatal moment in their lives, had always ruled their intercourse-the feeling that there must be truth, and absolute truth, between them.
Sincerity and truthfulness were the first conditions of their holy intercourse,-"the communion of saints," in which they believed, the sympathies of earth purified by the aspirations of heaven; and neither he nor they were ashamed to feel that such a friendship was more precious than rubies, being sanctioned by apostles and martyrs; nay, without which a Bethany would have been as dreary as the stalls and tables of money-changers in the precincts of the Temple.
She must mean human intercourse-the meeting of congenial minds.

Examples of Intercourse-the

Example #1
Absolute, indeed, it could never be again, since he must never know of the condition exacted by Mr. Langhope; but that, at the moment, seemed almost a secondary motive compared to the deeper influences that were inexorably forcing them apart.
Example #2
Afterward she would find a way of elaborating the details and making them plausible.
Example #3
A mere worldly life could not have produced such a friendship, for it would have been ostentatious, or prodigal, or vain; allied with sumptuous banquets, with intellectual tournaments, with selfish aims, with foolish presents, with emotions which degenerate into passions _Ennui_, disappointment, burdensome obligation, ultimate disgust, are the result of what is based on the finite and the worldly, allied with the gifts which come from a selfish heart, with the urbanities which are equally showered on the evil and on the good, with the graces which sometimes conceal the poison of asps.
Example #4
Not with empty flatteries, nor idle dalliances, nor frivolous arts did they mutually encourage and assist each other.
Example #5
But no; that is open to the suffragist as well as to any; and no one ever called it a frivolous and unworthy institution.
Example #6
Surely it cannot be "society" which Miss Tarbell means!