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Definition of Interrelated

  • Having a mutual or reciprocal relation or parallelism; correlative.

How to use interrelated in a sentence. Interrelated pronunciation.

Perhaps so, but no greater in the deeper ranges and profound mysteries of the interrelated worlds of human and spiritual life.
Laws and manners are closely interrelated.
We must then compromise with a system which reveals the existence of all the phenomena and tries to suggest their interrelated workings.
To the great minds of each class, from the days of Aristotle and Hippocrates on, there have come glimmerings of the truth that the phenomena studied under these divisions were interrelated.

Examples of Interrelated

Example #1
This fundamental part of Hawthorne is not attempted in our music (the 2nd movement of the series) which is but an "extended fragment" trying to suggest some of his wilder, fantastical adventures into the half-childlike, half-fairylike phantasmal realms.
Example #2
Hawthorne feels the mysteries and tries to paint them rather than explain them-and here, some may say that he is wiser in a more practical way and so more artistic than Emerson.
Example #3
Right is older than the state, and the law of justice holds even in the state of nature; but in order to assure peace positive right is required in three forms, international, political, and civil.
Example #4
The laws of religion concern man as man, those of the state concern him as a citizen; the former have for their object the moral good of the individual, the latter, the welfare of society; the first aim at immutable, the second at mutable good.
Example #5
The other inconvenience is that of seeming to deny the real poetry by our preoccupation with its metrical expression.
Example #6
It has its place in the scheme of things; but it is no more necessary for the genuine enjoyment of Milton (or the 'moderns') than a knowledge of the formulae for calculating the parallax of Alpha Leonis is necessary for enjoying the pillared firmament.