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Definition of Intrepid

  • Not trembling or shaking with fear; fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit.

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Her balloon rose after her departure, and fell at a place six leagues farther on, and the inhabitants, finding in this balloon only clothing and provisions, did not doubt that the intrepid aeronaut had been killed; but fortunately just as her death was announced at Paris, Madame Blanchard herself arrived and dispelled all anxiety.
At half- past nine, a gun fired from the chateau having given the expected signal, the cords which held the balloon were cut; and immediately the intrepid aeronaut could be seen rising majestically into the air before the eyes of the crowd assembled in the throne room.
But he was accustomed to trying situations, and as wary and prudent as he was intrepid.
Yet, though she was sometimes sad and nearly in tears, she did not despair; this valiant little heart attached itself with intrepid confidence to all the happy chances the future might have in store for it.
In this fierce encounter words fail to do justice to the gallant regimental commanders and their heroic men, for, while the generals indicated the formations and the points of attack, it was, after all, the intrepid bravery of the subordinate officers and men that planted our colors on the crest of San Juan Hill and drove the enemy from his trenches and block-houses, thus gaining a position which sealed the fate of Santiago.
The enemy confronted us with numbers about equal to our own; they fought obstinately in strong and intrenched positions, and the results obtained clearly indicate the intrepid gallantry of the company officers and men, and the benefits derived from the careful training and instruction given in the company in the recent years in rifle practice and other battle exercises.
She inclined to think she was having to do with an intrepid foreign-bred minx.
Around one of these that intrepid explorer and hunter-Buffalo Jones-had built a shanty in 1897.
Our intrepid party pursued the enemy upwards of twenty miles.
It was then that Jane, suddenly understanding Lassiter's feat stared and gasped at the riding of this intrepid man.
Yet how cool and gay he looked-how intrepid! The horses walked, trotted, galloped, ran, to fall again to walk.
He felt that he was dealing with a woman of singular astuteness, with one whose wickedness was unconventional and intrepid.
Hearts of noble strain, intrepid, generous; the clear head, the keen eye; a spirit equal alike to good fortune and to ill.
And the intrepid child surged on, and, finally victorious, crashed into the pavement in front of Samuel at the rate of quite six miles an hour.
But the Confederates counted it a dear victory in the loss of the intrepid but silent Stonewall Jackson.
The intrepid young Colonel of the Third, J.D. Nance, had already died in the lead of his regiment.
He was regarded by all his comrades as a daring and intrepid officer.
We also give to the good and intrepid King a gold watch, with an inscription.
Still they persevered, animated by the example and eloquence of their intrepid leader.
But this intrepid prelate made himself still more famous for his defense of orthodoxy against the whole power of Valentinian II.

Examples of Intrepid

Example #1
Many persons had doubted Marie Louise's pregnancy.
Example #2
Madame Blanchard, who as I have said had set out in her balloon an hour after the birth of the King of Rome, to carry the news into all places she passed, first descended at Saint-Tiebault near Lagny, and from there, as the wind had subsided, returned to Paris.
Example #3
Having arrived at a certain height, she set off an immense star constructed around the basket, the center of which she thus occupied; and this star for seven or eight moments threw from its points and angles numerous other small stars, producing a most extraordinary effect.
Example #4
At nine o'clock, the balloon being filled, she entered the basket, and was carried to the end of the basin of the swans, in front of the chateau; and until the moment of departure she remained in this position, above the height of the tallest trees, and thus for more than half an hour could be seen by all the spectators present at the fete.
Example #5
He ceased to smile and did not speak, but waited.
Example #6
This look, fixed upon him from his entrance, had a strange, weird intensity, which, without expressing anything, made him fear everything.