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How to use intrusively in a sentence. Intrusively pronunciation.

He kept his head bent, peering at her intrusively.
And now, far removed from that loved situation, The tear of regret will intrusively swell, As fancy reverts to my father's plantation, And sighs for the bucket which hangs in the well.
In our altered positions, it does not become me too intrusively to claim kindred; it became me only to remove, as I trust I have done, a barrier against the claim.
Note the Hogarthian touch of the initials carved on the window, sufficiently distinct and yet not intrusively so.

Examples of Intrusively

Example #1
She started slightly on seeing Herbert, whom she had taken for a coastguard, she said.
Example #2
Annette had come out of the gate in the flint wall.
Example #3
Though filled with the nectar that Jupiter sips.
Example #4
As, poised on the curb, it inclined to my lips!
Example #5
That "Now, sir," had in its sound something sinister and warlike.
Example #6
In a few minutes Mrs. Avenel returned.