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He is the advocate of morality and of the aristocracy of birth and feeling, though under this disguise he involves his heroes and heroines in highly romantic complications, whose outcome is often for a time in doubt.
It carries sadness with it, for it isolates man; but it also involves grandeur, making man absolutely free, or, as it were, a very god.
If you do not wish it, if it terrifies you, if you are not prepared for the double obligation it involves, tell me so, and fear not a word of reproach.
Mr. Poole may be a learned man, but all the learning in the world will not tell you what answer to make to your child's questions; only the Church can do that. 'I have thought a great deal about the danger that your post of secretary to Mr. Poole involves and am not sure that the state of indifference is not the worst state of all.
And if this silent labour, this steadfast thought are required even for outward arts and sciences, how much more for the highest of all arts, the deepest of all sciences, that which involves the questions-who are we?
It involves the acquisition of praiseworthy attributes, heavenly illumination and righteous actions in the world of humanity.
Next to parenthood, teaching involves us in the most sacred relationship known to man.
It involves time and effort, of course, but it is really the key to genuine teaching.
The devotion of the real teacher, though it involves labor, anxiety and sacrifice, is repaid ten-fold.
It rests upon experience and imagination and involves the ability to live, at least temporarily, someone else's life.
Along with this ability at vicarious living, sympathy involves an interest in others.
Coupled with this interest in others and the imagination to see through their eyes, sympathy involves a desire to help them.
And, finally, sympathy involves the actual doing of something by way of service.
But in addition to this social aspect, the problem involves his giving attention to each individual in the group.
This method involves a good bit of resourcefulness, calling at times for what seems an impossible amount of ingenuity.
Stimulation, of course, merely means the bringing of children into contact with desirable stimuli on every possible occasion; in fact, it involves the making of favorable occasions.
Sublimation involves building upon native tendencies to an elevated realization.
Preparation consists of the work done _behind the scenes_-presentation involves the _getting over_ of the results of that work to the _audience_-the class.
The successful preparation of a lesson involves at least five major steps.
Their coming together and thinking on common ground involves the _Point of Contact_.

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Yet as the accredited painter of the Faubourg Saint-Germain he contributed an essential element to the development of realistic fiction.
Example #2
Women literally devoured him, and his feminine public has always remained faithful to him.
Example #3
It leaves him no actual duties except to himself, and it opens a superb field to one of brain and courage.
Example #4
But ripe to-day, it has become the common property of all who are strong enough to stand it-for, in sooth, this latest religion of humanity is food fit only for the strong.
Example #5
If you desire my love, if you consent to this alliance, opposed to all human laws, but grand and singular also, deign to tell me so, and I shall fall at your feet.
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You should thoroughly understand this.