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Definition of Iou

  • an informal debt instrument; representing `I owe you'

How to use iou in a sentence. Iou pronunciation.

The stable is the constellation of the charioteer and the goat, formerly Capricorn: a constellation called proesepe Jovis Heniochi, stable of Iou; and the word Iou is found in the name Iou-seph (Joseph).
Sey degun de bous aulx, qui boille truquar ambe iou a bels embis.
He's got your I.O.U. and he won't return; but Carnac's got plenty of stuff in him.
And from hence, they say, it comes that at this day, in the feast of Oschoporia, the herald is not crowned, but his staff, and all who are present at the libation cry out "eleleu, iou, iou," the first of which confused sounds is commonly used by men in haste, or at a triumph, the other is proper to people in consternation or disorder of mind.
Here, DeLong, here are the I.O.U.'s against you.
But see how modest she is by nature, who, in the first place, has come, having stitched to her no leathern phallus hanging down, red at the top, and thick, to set the boys a laughing; nor yet jeered the bald-headed, nor danced the cordax; nor does the old man who speaks the verses beat the person near him with his staff, keeping out of sight wretched ribaldry; nor has she rushed in with torches, nor does she shout iou, iou; but has come relying on herself and her verses.
And then, says the artless Frenchman, still improving on his English, you should respond thus: "Bigod, sol drink iou agoud oin.
With this introduction (which greatly affected him), Mr. Micawber placed his I.O.U. in the hands of Traddles, and said he wished him well in every relation of life.
That those advances were secured by I.O.U.'s and other similar acknowledgements, known to the legal institutions of this country?
Also, some few I.O.U.s and bets," Lilliburlero, etc.
I.O.U. for all the things Mother wants.

Examples of Iou

Example #1
At no great distance is the ass of Typhon (the great she-bear), and the ox or bull, the ancient attendants of the manger.
Example #2
In the library of the king of France is a manuscript in Arabic, marked 1165, in which is a picture of the twelve signs; and that of the Virgin represents a young woman with an infant by her side: the whole scene indeed of the birth of Jesus is to be found in the adjacent part of the heavens.
Example #3
Servius, in his exposition upon this verse of Virgil's eclogues, Matri longa decem, &c., and a thousand other fools, whose number hath been increased by the lawyers ff.
Example #4
Marcus Varro, in his satire inscribed The Testament, alleging to this purpose the authority of Aristotle.
Example #5
He never was afraid of anything or anybody, and if he took a notion, he could do this business as well as yourself by and by.
Example #6
It's been coming for a long time.