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Abrahami Wagenmanni, sumptibus sui ipsius et Johan.
With God the ground of his action is the same as the ground of his existence; God's power and his essence coincide (I. _prop_. 34: _Dei potentia est ipsa ipsius essentia_).
Then a lead weight should be hung from the axis of that wheel (axi ipsius rote) and this weight would move that wheel so that it would complete one revolution from sunrise to sunrise, minus as much time as about one degree rises according to an approximately correct estimate.
As the apostle told the men of Athens, _Ipsius enim et genus suum_; ["For we are also His offspring" (Acts xvii.

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Example #1
Monita Peregrinatoria duorum doctissimorum virorum; itemque Incerti auctoris Epitome Præcognitorum Historicorum, antehac non edita.
Example #2
Huic libro accessêre novâ hâc editione—1.
Example #3
He is the cause of himself (_def.
Example #4
Action in view of ends must also be denied of the infinite; to think of God as acting in order to the good is to make him dependent on something external to him (an aim) and lacking in that which is to be attained by the action.
Example #5
For from sunrise to sunrise, the whole equinoctial rises, and about one degree more, through which degree the sun moves against the motion of the firmament in the course of a natural day.
Example #6
The method of making such a clock would be this, that a man make a disc (circulum) of uniform weight in every part so far as could possibly be done.