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How to use irmin in a sentence. Irmin pronunciation.

One of the four great highways was held to be under the protection of the deity, and was called the "Irmin street.
No other explanation of the worship of the Irmin-sul, and of the name of the Irmin street, is so satisfactory as that which connects them with the deified Arminius.
The Irmin Way, between Cricklade and Gloucester, _via_ Cirencester.

Examples of Irmin

Example #1
Traces of the worship of Arminius are to be found among our Anglo-Saxon ancestors after their settlement in this island.
Example #2
It means, etymologically, the _War-man_, the _man of hosts_.
Example #3
We know for certain of the existence of other columns of an analogous character.
Example #4
Acman Street connects Cirencester with Bath. 3.
Example #5
No less than four important Roman roads meet within a short distance of Cirencester; and very fine and broad ones they are, generally running as straight as the proverbial arrow.