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How to use is-though in a sentence. Is-though pronunciation.

I meant in the beginning to say that railway journeying is tedious and tiresome, and so it is-though at the time I was thinking particularly of a dismal fifty-hour pilgrimage between New York and St. Louis.
I know him, and a deused good fellow he is,-though he don't belong to our set, you know.
I find it difficult to believe that you are not hungry, for you are very strong, and there are two things which generally accompany great physical strength: the one is a keen appetite; the other is-though you may not suppose it, and it is not commonly known-a melancholic temperament.

Examples of Is-though

Example #1
Of course our trip through France was not really tedious because all its scenes and experiences were new and strange; but as Dan says, it had its "discrepancies.
Example #2
It is not meet that I should make too disparaging comparisons between humdrum travel on a railway and that royal summer flight across a continent in a stagecoach.
Example #3
Mr. Joe, who was fanning the top of Debby's head with the best intentions in life, took a survey, and answered readily,- "Why, that's Frank Evan.
Example #4
Mr. Leavenworth, as you know everybody, perhaps you can relieve Aunt Pen's mind, by telling her something about the tall, brown man standing behind the lady with salmon-colored hair.
Example #5
Thus they journeyed for hours, till the sun attained power, and a little wayside inn near a hamlet invited Kenelm to the thought of rest and food.
Example #6
Only when they came to fresh turnings in the road that led towards the town to which they were bound, Tom Bowles stepped before his companion, indicating the way by a monosyllable or a gesture.