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How to use is-very in a sentence. Is-very pronunciation.

That lady is all things charming and gentle, and, in truth, she is-very much attach' to me-why should I not say it?
Very handsome, reader, these shining brown panels are, very mellow in colouring and tasteful in effect, but-if you know what a "spring clean" is-very execrable and inhuman.
I am sure he does not; so, you sir, you are not the only one-who is-very unhappy;" and Mary commenced sobbing with the Dominie. "Poor thing!" said the Dominie; "and thou lovest Jacob?

Examples of Is-very

Example #1
I am so proud of it.
Example #2
She is very faithful and forgiving and sweet; she would be the same, I think, if I-were even-a lackey.
Example #3
Whoever, having the bowels of humanity, has seen servants scrubbing at these polished wooden walls with beeswaxed cloths on a warm May day must allow that they are "intolerable and not to be endured;" and I cannot but secretly applaud the benevolent barbarian who had painted another and larger apartment of Fieldhead-the drawing-room, to wit, formerly also an oak-room-of a delicate pinky white, thereby earning for himself the character of a Hun, but mightily enhancing the cheerfulness of that portion of his abode, and saving future housemaids a world of toil.
Example #4
Of course, as was to be expected in such a Gothic old barrack, this parlour was lined with oak: fine, dark, glossy panels compassed the walls gloomily and grandly.
Example #5
And, at thy early age, thou knowest what it is to have thy love unrequited.
Example #6
Now, sir, I'll tell you a secret, to prove it to you.