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How to use is-why in a sentence. Is-why pronunciation.

And the Second question is-Why did you select the town eight miles from the landing-place?
If it is-why not run the state on that basis?
The reader may exclaim-What a horrid tyrant this boy is-why, he is as bad as his companion.
Well, I won't say what I was going to say, but what I do say is-Why the devil- LADY CHESHIRE.
The second puzzle is,-Why did Shakespeare, conscious of his great powers, never secure for his collected plays the permanence of print and publication?

Examples of Is-why

Example #1
Because the land was of no value, and it was a pity to be crowded when there was so much room!
Example #2
Because we preferred being away from the nasty sailors, and thought it better not to be annoyed with the demoralizing influence of a Sea Port!
Example #3
Happy are they who in the real great work of life can carry with them this angel visitant, fluttering free along their path, now close and sweet, now smiling mischievously at a distance, yet returning ever.
Example #4
He is vitally necessary in the scheme of things.
Example #5
Exactly-I was so; but let the reader reflect that I was made so by education.
Example #6
I left him then, and went down to bathe.