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The Torah, committed by Jehovah to their order, lays it on them as their vocation to diffuse the knowledge of God in Israel,-the knowledge that He seeks truthfulness and love, justice and considerateness, and no gifts; but they, on the contrary, in a spirit of base self-seeking, foster the tendency of the nation towards cultus, in their superstitions over-estimate of which lies their sin and their ruin.
That was the sanctification of Israel,-the putting away the black sheep out of the flock.
WATCHFUL 'Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel.'-The word of the Lord to Ezekiel.
The "twelve gates" are to admit the twelve tribes of God's spiritual Israel,-the sealed ones, (ch. vii.
Note the grand aim of God's help of Israel,-the universal diffusion of His name among all the peoples of the earth.

Examples of Israel-the

Example #1
The more they are, the more they sin against me; their glory they barter for shame.
Example #2
Hosea, Isaiah, and Micah are in agreement with Amos.
Example #3
But the moment the evil one among the Apostles was cast forth, the glorification of the Son of Man began.
Example #4
In what did this sanctification consist?
Example #5
This, when you begin by experience to see that all this life, and all the good and all the ill of this life, are all under this splendid divine law,-that your tribulations also are indeed working within you a patience, and your patience an experience, and your experience a hope that maketh not ashamed.
Example #6
Nothing else but this growing experience and this settling assurance will be able to support you under the sudden ills of life; but this will do it.