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The land is priceless now, and a corporation of the Clemens heirs is to-day contesting the title of a thin fragment of it-about one thousand acres-overlooked in some survey.
He raved at her, in reply, about the position in which he had found the box-on the top of its fellow instead of underneath, where he had placed it-about the broken lock, the sovereigns she had been changing, and the things Watson had said of her-winding up with a peremptory demand for his money.
Natalie got up slowly, and drew a filmy white scarf-a cloud, she called it-about her shoulders.
I used to see lots of things in it-about the shock the news of my death gave him-' A flash of hysterical amusement shot into Mrs. Innes's eyes, and she questioned Madeline's face to see whether it responded to her humour.
But I think I've acted pretty square with you about it-about telling you, I mean.
You must suppress-that part of it-about me.
And there was an Amanda extremely garrulous, who was a biographical dictionary and critical handbook to all the girls in the school she had attended at Chichester-they seemed a very girlish lot of girls; and an Amanda who was very knowing-knowing was the only word for it-about pictures and architecture.
Frank has told me all about it-about how brave you were!
Well, anyway, you'll talk about it-about the vote I mean.

Examples of It-about

Example #1
Believing the future provided for, Clemens turned his attention to present needs.
Example #2
Yet for once John Clemens saw clearly, and if his dream did not come true he was in no wise to blame.
Example #3
Ow dare yer say such things?
Example #4
In this moment of excitement it struck neither John nor Mary Anne-nor, indeed, herself-that her manner, with its brutality, and its poorly feigned surprise, was the most revealing element in the situation.
Example #5
There seemed an alien chill in the air.
Example #6
Lewis rose and turned to Natalie. "Aren't you coming?