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How to use it-again in a sentence. It-again pronunciation.

Why then should we wonder that the gods themselves, the gods, I say-nor shall I be ashamed[58] to admit it-again opposed Hannibal as he was preparing to march forward when at three miles' distance from Rome.
He wanted to paint it-again.
Besides asking questions about stars and other inaccessible incidents of his Cosmos, he liked to "go busting about," as he called it-again with one essential condition that the thing should never come to an end by merely happening.

Examples of It-again

Example #1
For, at every movement of his force, so copious a flood of rain descended, and such a violent storm of wind arose, that it was evident the enemy was repulsed by divine influence, and the tempest proceeded, not from heaven, but from the walls of the city and the Capitol.
Example #2
Though they were brought into the greatest alarm, they desisted not from their original design; though they were concerned for their own city, they did not abandon their attempts on Capua; but, part of their army being left there with the consul Appius, and part having followed Flaccus to Rome, they fought both at home and abroad at the same time.
Example #3
It was not too large for beauty nor too small for strength.
Example #4
The mouth-Billy's mouth had always been fascinating, Bertram suddenly decided, as he watched it now.
Example #5
Its mystery must remain its beauty.
Example #6
Forever questing" was his unacknowledged motto.