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Members of Congress and of the State Legislatures-those that voted for Prohibition, as well as those that voted against it-have their private stocks of liquor like other people; nor is there any reason to believe that many of them are more scrupulous than other people in augmenting their supply from outside sources.
But she would rather-she had said it-have him for the time he had to live than not at all.
And let us observe with gratitude that almost all of the pleasures that are connected with this pursuit-its accompaniments and variations, which run along with the tune and weave an embroidery of delight around it-have an accidental and gratuitous quality about them.

Examples of It-have

Example #1
One of the means resorted to by the Anti-Saloon League in pushing through the Amendment was the particular care they took to make its passage involve little sacrifice of personal indulgence on the part of those who were wealthy enough, or clever enough, to provide for the satisfaction of their own desires in the matter of drink, at least for many years to come.
Example #2
Everybody knows that the law is violated, in spirit if not in letter, by a large proportion of the very men who imposed it upon the country.
Example #3
Cast off by his family, forgotten by his old friends, in debt, penniless-let position be hanged!
Example #4
He would have her at her best-a young, vigorous radiant nature-for his short life, and then, good-bye, my lover, good-bye!
Example #5
They are not to be counted upon beforehand.
Example #6
But it is now time that we should return to our fishing.