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How to use it-much in a sentence. It-much pronunciation.

There seemed to be a great deal of it-much more than I could satisfactorily account for-but as the dawn spread and brightened, and objects grew increasingly distinct, everything became intelligible, even to the cause of the catastrophe that had so suddenly and terribly hurled us from a situation of safety and comfort into one of the direst peril and uncertainty.
I won't be able-to use it-much longer.
My wife is very good at it-much better, in fact, than I am.

Examples of It-much

Example #1
For I found that while my companion and I were clinging to the wreckage of the ill-fated _City of Cawnpore's_ mainmast-the whole of which had somehow come adrift from the hull-we were surrounded by and tangled up with a large quantity of planking and woodwork, some of which we recognised as having belonged to our own ship, while the remainder resolved itself into the shattered hull of a large, timber-laden, wooden ship which had been cut nearly half through by the tremendous impact of our own vessel upon it when she struck it and so destroyed herself in the darkness of the preceding night.
Example #2
Then, as the light grew stronger, I proceeded to minutely inspect the mass of wreckage that had afforded us shelter throughout the night, with the view of ascertaining its capabilities as a refuge for a more or less lengthy period-until, in fact, we were either taken off by a passing ship, or perished of starvation.
Example #3
Hey, gimme a rifle-I can't do nothing with a Colt at this range; my name ain't Hopalong," and he went slamming around the room in hot search of what he wanted.
Example #4
Right in the same place!
Example #5
She never gets confused over her dates, and I always do.
Example #6
When we meet-we do meet occasionally, when we dine out together, or go down to the Duke's-we tell each other the most absurd stories with the most serious faces.