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How to use its in a sentence. Its pronunciation.

I'm afraid it's-" Belding hesitated and looked with grim concern at the cavalryman.
I say, sir, it's-" He fell into a feebleness.
But as they all three saw the boy at different times, why, it's-" "What?" "It's another thing.

Examples of Its

Example #1
But, as Jim says, if they wanted to steal a few horses or cattle they wouldn't build fires.
Example #2
They wouldn't spoil their game by pulling U. S. soldiers across the line from Yuma to El Paso.
Example #3
CHAPTER XX A half-circle of high-banked greensward, studded with old park-trees, hung round the roar of the water; distant enough from the white-twisting fall to be mirrored on a smooth-heaved surface, while its out-pushing brushwood below drooped under burdens of drowned reed-flags that caught the foam.
Example #4
I eat and drink just as you all do; and if I have a headache, I'm stunned with a whole family screaming as hard as they can that I'm going to die.
Example #5
There's something very strange about all that.
Example #6
But we can't find our way out, except by the short-cut of supposing that nothing of the kind happened.