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How to use itself-wa in a sentence. Itself-wa pronunciation.

My wish is almost a will in itself-was it not?-and has been wooing yours all this while!-till the sleeper awakened, the well-spring leapt up from the earth; and our two wishes united dare the world to divide them.
And the ever-recurring question presented itself-was he prepared to go that length?
Grandsir Kendrick-a fatal title in itself-was a hatter by trade, who had come to Georgia in search of a precarious livelihood.

Examples of Itself-wa

Example #1
Not a word more of time lost.
Example #2
At last!-and we are one.
Example #3
He tried to imagine what that household was like; and again he found himself wondering why she had not consented to his proposal.
Example #4
He had been on the verge of announcing himself to the family in Fillmore Street as her prospective husband!
Example #5
He obtained permission to build him a little log hut by the side of a running stream; and, for a year or two, people going along the road could hear the snap and twang of his bowstring as he whipped wool or rabbit fur into shape.
Example #6
In those days the Kendrick family was a new one, so to speak, but ambitious.