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It is a question whether in the time before Hezekiah the cultus of the kingdom at Jerusalem had so much to distinguish it above that at Bethel or at Dan; against Jeroboam's golden calves must be set the brazen serpent of Moses, and the ark of Jehovah itself-which in ancient times was an idol (1Samuel iv.-vi.) and did not become idealised into an ark of the covenant, ie.
In the beginning they tried idiots; then they imported the French-which was going backwards, you see; now it runs the roads itself-which is going backwards again, you see.
Though I have all my life been eager for legitimate distinction, I can lay my hand upon my heart, at the end of my career, and declare there is not one-no, nor yet life itself-which is worth acquiring or preserving at the slightest cost of dignity.

Examples of Itself-which

Example #1
As for the prophetic reaction against the popular cultus, the instance of Hosea shows that it came into activity as early and as powerfully in Israel as in Judah.
Example #2
Even after Josiah's reformation Jeremiah complains that the sister who hitherto had been spared is in no respect better than the other who a hundred years before had fallen a victim to the Assyrians (iii.
Example #3
Why, do you know, in order to curry favor with the voters, the government puts down a road wherever anybody wants it-anybody that owns two sheep and a dog; and by consequence we've got, in the colony of Victoria, 800 railway stations, and the business done at eighty of them doesn't foot up twenty shillings a week.
Example #4
The government chooses to do its railway business in its own way, and it doesn't know as much about it as the French.
Example #5
But it will not bear the stress of time nor the scrutiny of conscience.
Example #6
It is easy to be an ass and follow the multitude like a blind, besotted bull in a stampede; and that, I am well aware, is what you and Mrs. Grundy mean by being honest.