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He called the newcomer Jar-don, which in the language of Pal-ul-don means "stranger," and he pointed to the sun and said _as_.
Presently the Kor-ul-ja, seemingly shamed by the example of Jar-don closed once more with the enemy, but the latter, moved no doubt to terror by the presence of the stranger, a tireless demon who appeared invulnerable to their attacks, lost heart and sought to flee.
Nor did he hesitate to give credit where credit belonged, with the result that Jar-don and his exploits were upon the tongue of every member of the tribe of Kor-ul-ja and great was the fame of the race that could produce two such as he and Tarzan-jad-guru.

Examples of Jar-don

Example #1
This he repeated several times and then he held up one hand with the fingers outspread and touching them one by one, including the thumb, repeated the word adenen until the stranger understood that he meant five.
Example #2
But always Om-at shook his head and spread his palms in a gesture which indicated that while he understood the question he was ignorant as to the whereabouts of the ape-man, and then the black chief attempted as best he might to explain to the stranger what he knew of the whereabouts of Tarzan.
Example #3
And then it was that at Om-at's command his warriors surrounded a half-dozen of the most exhausted and made them prisoners.
Example #4
It was a tired, bloody, and elated company that returned victorious to the Kor-ul-ja.
Example #5
It was the most glorious and successful raid that the Kor-ul-ja had made upon the Kor-ul-lul in the memory of man, and it marked Om-at as the greatest of chiefs, but that fierce warrior knew that advantage had lain upon his side largely because of the presence of his strange ally.
Example #6
Twenty of their number were carried back and six of these were dead men.