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How to use jasmine-flower in a sentence. Jasmine-flower pronunciation.

My darling, my little jasmine-flower," he whispered, softly, "I hate leaving you, but-" "But it's impossible, Ruddy, my man.
Pleasure, beauty, is all I ever cared for-pleasure, beauty, and the Jasmine-flower.
The pity of these for him-for Rudyard Byng, because the flower in his garden, his Jasmine-flower, was swept by the blast of calumny!

Examples of Jasmine-flower

Example #1
How can I send Ian Stafford away?
Example #2
With sudden emotion he drew her to him, and buried his face in her soft golden hair.
Example #3
And Ian-and Ian, yes, Ian!
Example #4
And it is true-by all the gods of all the worlds, it is true.
Example #5
He sprang from his chair with an ugly oath.
Example #6
All Byng's rage came back, the lacerated pride, the offended manhood, the self-esteem which had been spattered by the mud of slander, by the cynical defense, or the pitying solicitude of his friends-of De Lancy Scovel, Barry Whalen, Sobieski the Polish Jew, Fleming, Wolff, and the rest.