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How to use joy-she in a sentence. Joy-she pronunciation.

St. Genis would have come to her by then: she would be happy to see him safe and well, and perhaps-in the midst of her joy-she would think of the friend who so gladly offered up his life for her.
She received my friend's request to enlist under her husband with so much grace, with such a look of joy-she dwelt in such soul-stirring words on the great and holy national war about to break out, and in which every one ought to participate, that I was quite fascinated by her eloquence, and would have enlisted at once if I had not already entered a landwehr regiment.
Her hand went quickly to her heart to still the rapid flutter, which might be from pain and might be from joy-she could not tell.

Examples of Joy-she

Example #1
When the air around was no longer shaken by constant repercussion, Bobby fell asleep.
Example #2
He had quite forgotten that he was wounded-neither his head nor his leg nor his arm seemed to hurt him now: and he was able to think in peace of Crystal and of her happiness.
Example #3
We met there, however, only herself.
Example #4
Not a word of this conversation escaped Leonora, and she said to herself: "I must make the acquaintance of this lady.
Example #5
She had imagined their possible meeting so many times, and it was not at all like this.
Example #6
There was no time for flight, had she wanted to avoid him; he was on the piazza; he was at the open door.