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How to use julo in a sentence. Julo pronunciation.

More to the left arose the Serre de Julos, dominated by the Miramont.
Then wooded masses rose one above the other, until they reached the heights of Le Buala, which were surmounted by the Serre de Julos, in its turn capped by the Miramont.
He saluted the convents, the heights of Le Buala, the Serre de Julos, and the Miramont, upon his left; he saluted the huge fallen rocks of the dim valleys, and the empurpled hills of Visens, on his right; he saluted the new and the old town, the castle bathed by the Gave, the big and the little Gers, already drowsy, in front of him; and he saluted the woods, the torrents, the mountains, the faint chains linking the distant peaks, the whole earth, even beyond the visible horizon: Peace upon earth, hope and consolation to mankind!

Examples of Julo

Example #1
Other crests, far off, faded away into the ether.
Example #2
On that side lay Bartres.
Example #3
Deep valleys opened on the south, narrow gorges between piles of gigantic rocks whose bases were already steeped in lakes of bluish shadow, whilst the summits sparkled with the smiling farewell of the sun.
Example #4
The numerous convents among the trees on the first of the northern slopes, beyond the torrent-those of the Carmelites, the Dominicans, the Assumptionists, and the Sisters of Nevers-were coloured by a rosy reflection from the fire-like glow of the sunset.
Example #5
The multitude below had quivered beneath that great sign of the cross which enveloped it.
Example #6
He moved it slowly from one to the other horizon, causing it to describe a huge sign of the cross against the vault of heaven.