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How to use justice-you in a sentence. Justice-you pronunciation.

But you will do me at least this justice-you will allow that I am an easy person to live with.
But you will, all the same, bring him to justice-you call it that?

Examples of Justice-you

Example #1
I shall not obtrude myself on you, or annoy you.
Example #2
Varvara Pavlovna kept laughing at their remarks and exclamations.
Example #3
And yet something kept thundering on his body, and a harsh voice shrieked at him, and there were many lights dancing over his shut eyes; and then curtains of darkness were dropped, and centuries of oblivion came; and then-then his eyes opened to a comforting silence, and some one was putting brandy between his teeth, and after a time he heard a voice say: "'Bien,' you see he was a murderer, but he save his captor.
Example #4
He laughed with joy again, and he forgot how cold, how maliciously cold, he had been; he forgot how dreadful that hour was before he became warm; when he was pierced by myriad needles through the body, and there was an incredible aching at his heart.