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Definition of Kaftan

  • See Caftan.
  • a (cotton or silk) cloak with full sleeves and sash reaching down to the ankles; worn by men in the Levant
  • a woman's dress style that imitates the caftan cloaks worn by men in the Near East

How to use kaftan in a sentence. Kaftan pronunciation.

The minarets wave on the plain of Stamboul, And the breeze of the evening blows freshly and cool; The voice of the musnud is heard from the west, And kaftan and kalpac have gone to their rest.
I think of the time when the Kaftan's crime Our love's young joys o'ertook, And thy name still floats in the plaintive notes Of my silver-toned chibouque.
Sittlichkeit_, 1889), J. Kaftan in Berlin (_Das Wesen der christlichen Religion_, 1881)-and, on the other, by R.A. Lipsius in Jena (born 1830; _Dogmatik_, 1876, 2d ed.
Those who have never seen the KONTUSZ worn, (it is a kind of Occidental kaftan, as it is the robe of the Orientals, modified to suit the customs of an active life, unfettered by the stagnant resignation taught by fatalism,) a sort of FEREDGI, often trimmed with fur, forcing the wearer to make frequent movements susceptible of grace and coquetry, by which the flowing sleeves are thrown backward, can scarcely imagine the bearing, the slow bending, the quick rising, the finesse of the delicate pantomime displayed by the Ancients, as they defiled in a Polonaise, as though in a military parade, not suffering their fingers to remain idle, but sometimes occupying them in playing with the long moustache, sometimes with the handle of the sword.
Ivan pitied them, climbed the tree and covered the little ones with his "kaftan," a long-skirted coat which the Russian peasants and merchants usually wear.
Ask of him a belt, he will give a kaftan also; take his mittens, he certainly would want to have you take his cap with them.
Dimian was rather amazed, but brought out his kaftan.
But the fellow quickly put on the new kaftan, tightened it with the belt, shook his curly head and answered: "Have my thanks, uncle, for thy gift.

Examples of Kaftan

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The notes of the kislar re-echo no more, And the waves of Al Sirat fall light on the shore.
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Example #3
He thought that he simulated, but he is really insane-insane at this very instant.
Example #4
There are the poor men and humble-the pashas and judges and the others of the Medjidie, as thee said, are not poor.
Example #5
A Treatise concerning Eternal and Immutable Morality_, 1731).
Example #6
This principle of benevolence, advanced by Cumberland with homely simplicity, received in the later development of English ethics, for which it pointed out the way, a more careful foundation.