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How to use kamah in a sentence. Kamah pronunciation.

He founded the “School of the Prophets” in Kamah, and to him the people came for advice.
Kam _or_ Kamah, v. To accept, receive; to take possession of.
The scene is laid in Gibeah, where Saul kept his court, and to which all the persons of the story seem to have come back from Samuel's house at Kamah.

Examples of Kamah

Example #1
He seems to have exercised the office of judge.
Example #2
A deliverer of the country was raised up in the person of Samuel, the prophet, who obtained an ascendancy over the nation by his purity and moral wisdom.
Example #3
Kaknab, n. The sea, the ocean.
Example #4
Kak, n. Fire; also a febrile disease.
Example #5
Saul's strange subjugation to the hallowing influences of the prophet's presence had been but momentary and superficial; and it had been followed by a renewed outburst of the old hate, obvious to David's sharpened sight, though not to Jonathan.
Example #6
Jonathan is the foremost figure in it, and the nobility and self- oblivion of his love are beautifully brought out, while David's part is rather that of the loved than of the lover.