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Scheinert has fully painted the _Volkschule_, Mager the _Bürgerschule_, Deinhard and Kapp the _Gymnasium_.
Alexander Kapp has given us excellent treatises on the Pedagogics of Aristotle and Plato.
Moenchlein ohne Kapp und Kutt, Schwatz nicht auf mich ein!

Examples of Kapp

Example #1
Niemeyer, Schwarz, and others, have made out such plans for schools.
Example #2
The prescription of the subjects to be studied in each school as appropriate to it, of the course of study, and of the object thereof, properly falls to this department of government, is its immediate work, and its theory must be changed according to the progress and needs of the time.
Example #3
But with regard to modern Pedagogics we have relatively very little.
Example #4
Cramer of Stralsund made, in 1832, an excellent beginning in a comprehensive and thorough history of Pedagogy; but in the beginning of his second part he dwelt too long upon the Greeks, and lost himself in too wide an exposition of practical Philosophy in general.
Example #5
Freund' und Frauen, frisch von Blut, Kommt nur auch herein!
Example #6
Wenn des Dichters Muehle geht, Halte sie nicht ein: Denn wer einmal uns versteht, Wird uns auch verzeihn.