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How to use karansebe in a sentence. Karansebe pronunciation.

We are on the right road, and in one hour will reach Karansebes.
A stately monument to Ovid is Karansebes; and now a lonely, heart-sick monarch is coming to make a pilgrimage thither, craving of Ovid's tomb the boon of a resting-place for his weary head.
In the gray of the morning they reached Karansebes.

Examples of Karansebe

Example #1
No, your majesty-so long as France retains that which belongs to Austria, Austria will neither forgive her enmity nor forget it.
Example #2
To Savoy we are indebted for Lombardy; while France, perfidious France, has not only robbed us of our territory, but to this day asserts her right to its possession!
Example #3
Count Uhlefeld resumed his seat, and after him rose the powerful favorite of the empress, Count Bartenstein, who, in a long and animated address, came vehemently to the support of Uhlefeld. Then came Counts Colloredo and Harrach, and the lord high steward, Count Khevenhuller-all unanimous for a renewal of the old treaty.
Example #4
This is the alliance that I advocate, and with all my heart I vote for its renewal.
Example #5
Not one of these rich, proud nobles would have dared to breathe a sentiment in opposition to the two powerful statesmen that had spoken before them.