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General, assembled a number of learned doctors and great divines in the [mosque of the] ‘two Kázims’ (upon them be peace), and, having come to an unanimous agreement, wrote to the divines of Karbilá the exalted and Najaf the most noble, convoking them all.
So that concourse of _Sh_ay_kh_s, doctors, and common folk which had come from Karbilá dispersed.

Examples of Karbilá

Example #1
They came, some knowing, others not knowing.
Example #2
Each day he secretly wrote a dispatch to Ṭihrán, made vows and compacts with the _Sh_ay_kh_s, and sent diplomatic notes to His Excellency the Ambassador-in-chief [at Constantinople].
Example #3
Just at this time mischievous persons-[including] even certain dismissed ministers-endeavored on all sides so to influence this sect that they might perchance alter their course and conduct.
Example #4
Sh_ay_kh_, this scheme proved abortive, resulting, indeed, only in shame and disappointment.