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From the lower end of the Khuram valley runs off another valley, known as the "Khost.
This force marched from Hazir-pir, and halted for the night at Jaji-Midan, at the head of the valley leading to the Darwiza Pass, through which the track runs into the Khost valley.
At the end of the valley-six miles distant-the plain of the Khost country was seen.
The fort was handed over to Sultan Jan, a man of good family, who was appointed to govern the Khost, temporarily.

Examples of Khost

Example #1
This was not, however, to be of long duration.
Example #2
The mountain tops were now deep in snow; but in the valley the temperature was very agreeable, and the troops enjoyed their rest much.
Example #3
At eight o'clock next morning, the troops moved forward.
Example #4
The column consisted of a squadron of the 10th Hussars, the 5th Bengal Cavalry, the 21st and 28th Punjaub Infantry, two mountain batteries, a wing of the 72nd Highlanders, and two companies of the Norfolk Rangers.
Example #5
It was seen that-owing to the slow progress the troops were making-the baggage train, consisting of 1000 camels, would not be able to reach the proposed camping ground, at the lower end of the valley, before dark.
Example #6
From the summit, a wide view was obtained.