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The God that is to be sincerely worshiped must, as this world goes, be able now and then to do some little thing for his vicegerent on earth; and Heaven did precious little in those days for the weakling King-pontiff puppets at Honanfu.
In 253 he had performed the significant sacrifice to Heaven, a prerogative of the King-Pontiff: but he had not assumed the title.
Not now a King of Ts'in; not a King-Pontiff of Chow;-not, if you please, a mere _wang_ or king at all;-but Hwangti, like that great figure of mythological times, the Yellow Emperor, who had but to sit on his throne, and all the world was governed and at peace.

Examples of King-pontiff

Example #1
But who, except enthusiasts, was to treat religion seriously?
Example #2
And if you wished to study ritual, you went up to Honanfu to do so; where, too, was the National or Royal Library, where profitable years might be spent.
Example #3
Resistance was still in being.
Example #4
Chau Tsiang died in 251; and even then one could not clearly foresee what should follow.
Example #5
The child began by assuming that astounding title: _Ts'in Shi Hwangti,_ the First August Emperor: peace to the ages that were past; let them lie in their tomb; time now should begin again!-Childish boyish swank and braggadocio, said the world; but very soon the world found itself mistaken.
Example #6
But when this man died in 246, he left the destinies of the world in the hands of a boy of thirteen; who very quickly showed the world in whose hands its destinies lay.