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Definition of Kiver

  • To cover.

How to use kiver in a sentence. Kiver pronunciation.

When you hit de bed you jump an grab de kivers, an de witch be gone, like dat.
Have to, or the preachers would eat up my sport, and this ain't findin' no fault with their doctrine, for I believe the Book from kiver to kiver.
And yet, as I tell you, I believe in the Book from kiver to kiver.
But I'm with him, you understand, from kiver to kiver.
Kiver to kiver, you understand.
The old stock-and I'm with the book from kiver to kiver.
Take that back-kiver to kiver.
All the wood-choppers, with the exception of the one who had taken it upon himself to "put the hoss under kiver," had followed Jeff and Rodney into the cabin, and they were profoundly astonished by the last words that fell from the boy's lips.
Being requested to explain himself, he stated that there was some of 'em wot you couldn't kiver with a sixpence.
I suppose she got unkivered in the scurry after the Yankee; but bear a hand, and kiver her, unless you wish a fellow to stay here all night.
The trunks I left behind, but the limbs I packed up in the blankets that had been used to kiver them, I reckon; and with them slung across my shoulders, like a saddle bag across a horse, I made tracks through the swamps and the prairies for this here hut, which I know'd no livin' soul had been nigh for many a long year.

Examples of Kiver

Example #1
Den dey ride you back home an into your bed.
Example #2
Den dey git on you an some nights dey like to ride you to death.
Example #3
I've got a chicken house back here, with a high picket fence around it, and I keep it locked, I tell you.
Example #4
After we get a snack we'll slip off and have a set-to.
Example #5
It's die dog or eat the hatchet when they come round.
Example #6
All days belong to 'em.