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How to use kleyatcini in a sentence. Kleyatcini pronunciation.

The fourth time that this happened, however, he observed in the smooth part of the rock a door standing open and a little animal called Kleyatcini looking out at him.
As the Navajo entered the Kleyatcini passed out and closed the door behind him.
When the Navajo stepped out of the hole in the rock, Kleyatcini pointed out to him the mountains in which his home lay and counseled him to travel directly towards them.

Examples of Kleyatcini

Example #1
As he stood gazing at the sharp nose and the bright eyes the distant voices of his pursuers sounded again in his ears and the little animal bade him enter and hide himself.
Example #2
He was about to pass on when he again heard the voice, and, looking around, he again saw no one.
Example #3
The fugitive was not long in his place of concealment when the clamor made by the foiled pursuers was again heard, but it ceased sooner than usual.
Example #4
It was not yet sunset when the little animal returned to announce that the Ute had gone from the neighborhood.