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Definition of Knee-length

  • extending to the knee

How to use knee-length in a sentence. Knee-length pronunciation.

I can see my older brothers in their tow-shirts that fell knee-length which was sometimes their only garment, toiling laborously under a cruel lash as the burning sun beamed down upon their backs.
We wore tow-shirts which were knee-length, and no shoes.
Humble folk also wore knee-length garments, with a band about the waist.

Examples of Knee-length

Example #1
Pappy McNeal (we called the master Pappy) was cruel and mean.
Example #2
The whipping post and cruelty in general made an indelible impression in my mind.
Example #3
Of course, some of the master's favorites had some kind of footwear.
Example #4
There were many slaves on our plantation.
Example #5
There was woodland, common pasture land, arable land, meadow land, and wasteland on the manor.
Example #6
When the men were hunting or working, they wore gown and cloak of knee length.