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How to use knife-hilt in a sentence. Knife-hilt pronunciation.

Their knife-hilts and fingers were red; there was blood upon their hands; there was gloom in their glances.
And he could see the outline of the knife-hilt that the man's fingers clutched underneath his shirt.
It needed no great stretch of imagination to suggest a likeness between the woman of the photograph and the other, of the golden knife-hilt.
The Pathan nodded and touched his knife-hilt.
She was the woman of the knife-hilt, and of the lamps in the arena!

Examples of Knife-hilt

Example #1
The picture was appalling; and, adding to its awful impression, black clouds were at the moment rolling over the valley, and swathing the mountains in their opaque masses.
Example #2
Stuck behind the belts of many were scalps, fresh and reeking.
Example #3
He stood so near that King recognized him for the one who had accosted him on Rawal-Pindi platform.
Example #4
For about five minutes, while the train swayed head-long into Indian darkness, the man stood listening and watching King's face.
Example #5
And nobody, looking at him then, would have dared suggest he lacked imagination.
Example #6
He stood up, to hold both knife and papers close to the light in the roof.