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How to use know-about in a sentence. Know-about pronunciation.

She needn't ever know-about me.
And won't you let me remind you that we're getting a long way from what I want to know-about your trip into the North?
Keats was wrong about that, you know,-about unheard melodies being sweeter.

Examples of Know-about

Example #1
I want her always to think well of me.
Example #2
Dick, I beg of you.
Example #3
Mr. John Aldous, if I tell you that all these figures stand for riches which some one else possesses?
Example #4
In the final, when you come to the multiplication part of it, that correction will make you just thirty-two thousand five hundred dollars richer.
Example #5
They can come to be clear torment.
Example #6
And it seemed that night that I couldn't manage to do without hearing it.