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How to use know-just in a sentence. Know-just pronunciation.

You'll never know-just what those words mean to me.
And here," coolly pushing back her sleeve and plunging a plump, white arm into the water, "this, you know-just a frog!
And so I'd like to know-just why-you killed Judge Kirkstone?

Examples of Know-just

Example #1
She rose swiftly with the passionate abandon of a woman stirred to her depths, and she kissed him.
Example #2
I'd love you all the more because you'd suffered.
Example #3
This is my aquarium; the sea-horses are most odd, don't you think?
Example #4
Marmosets, my dears," clutching one of the little chatterers under the table; "they make a deal of noise, but like most noisy people's talk it doesn't mean much.
Example #5
Keith's two fists knotted in the center of the table.
Example #6
Conniston saw his blue eyes darken for an instant with a savage fire.