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How to use kohat in a sentence. Kohat pronunciation.

The place of assembly was Kohat.
It was on the 2nd of October that the Rangers arrived at Kohat, heartily glad that their march across the sandy plains of the Punjaub was at an end.
The road between Kohat and Thull runs in a valley between mountains, those on the right being inhabited by the Waziries, a fierce and independent tribe.
Tugluq Khan is in jail for the business of the Kohat Police Post.

Examples of Kohat

Example #1
The Norfolk Rangers were to act as a reserve.
Example #2
The second brigade consisted of the 72nd Highlanders, the 21st Native Infantry, the 2nd Punjaub Infantry, and the 5th Ghoorkas.
Example #3
The other regiments comprising the force poured in rapidly and, on the 9th, the general arrived and assumed the command.
Example #4
The regiment which had first marched had exercised every precaution against an attack.
Example #5
By the time that the regiment moved forward, he was able to take his place in his company; and had mastered all the movements which were likely to be necessary, in the campaign.