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How to use kokoo in a sentence. Kokoo pronunciation.

If she did not understand the art of making jellies, jams, custards, tea-cakes, and such like trashy affairs, she was profoundly skilled in the mysteries of preparing “amar,” “poee-poee,” and “kokoo,” with other substantial matters.
This preparation is called “kokoo,” and a most lucious preparation it is.
A section of a roasted bread-fruit, a small cake of “Amar,” or a mess of “Kokoo,” two or three bananas, or a Mawmee apple; an annuee, or some other agreeable and nutritious fruit, served from day to day to diversify the meal, which was finished by tossing off the liquid contents of a young cocoa-nut or two.

Examples of Kokoo

Example #1
She was a genuine busy-body; bustling about the house like a country landlady at an unexpected arrival; for ever giving the young girls tasks to perform, which the little hussies as often neglected; poking into every corner, and rummaging over bundles of old tappa, or making a prodigious clatter among the calabashes.
Example #2
The mother of the latter was the mistress of the family, and a notable housewife, and a most industrious old lady she was.
Example #3
The hobby-horse and the pestle and mortar were in great requisition during the time I remained in the house of Marheyo, and Kory-Kory had frequent occasion to show his skill in their use.
Example #4
The delicious liquid soon bubbles round the fruit, and leaves it at last just peeping above its surface.
Example #5
While partaking of this simple repast, the inmates of Marheyo’s house, after the style of the ancient Romans, reclined in sociable groups upon the divan of mats, and digestion was promoted by cheerful conversation.
Example #6
For my own part, with the assistance of my valet, who, as I have before stated, always officiated as spoon on these occasions, I ate sparingly from one of Tinor’s trenchers of poee-poee; which was devoted exclusively for my own use, being mixed with the milky meat of ripe cocoa-nut.