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Volumen Tertium recognovit Rudolfus Schoell; Opus Schoellii morte interceptum absolvit G. Kroll.
Nun gut, Kroll scheint gerettet.
Turning my thoughts backward, it seems to me as if almost too much beauty and pleasure were crowded together at Christmas, richly provided with presents as we were besides, for over and above the Christmas fair there was Kroll's Christmas exhibition, where clever heads and skilful hands transformed a series of great halls, at one time into the domain of winter, at another into the kingdom of the fairies.

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Example #1
The Fragments of the Perpetual Edict of Salvius Julianus.
Example #2
Corpus Iuris Civilis: Institutiones recognovit Paulus Krueger; Digesta recognovit Theodorus Mommsen.
Example #3
Doenhofsplatz, um welchen herum doch die meisten Reichsboten wohnen, ist sie keiner Erwaegung wert?
Example #4
Aber bitte, bewahrt doch die Menschheit vor diesen grossen Plaetzen, wo man in der Sonne keuchen muss, bis man endlich die Stufen eines solchen Tempels erreicht hat!
Example #5
There was nothing to do but look.
Example #6
Why are the Berlin children defrauded of this bright and innocent pleasure, and their hearts denied the practice of exercising charity?